Learn How to Fix Your Finances

January 19, 2023 |Mike


A person is writing in a notebook while sitting at a dining room table. There is a tablet facing towards them.
It is almost impossible to read the news right now and avoid financial topics. The cost of everything from groceries to house prices continues to dominate headlines, causing people across the city to take a closer look at their finances. The library is here to help with financial information available for free from resources you can access from home. All you need isa library card!

Besides these resources, the library also has:

Personal finance books
Personal finance programs
Financial empowerment advisors
Job and career help

Here are five personal finance resources you can access from home or anywhere else:

1.Gale Courses

Gale Courses is perfect if you would like an instructor-led course that you can complete at your own pace. Courses start monthly and take roughly 24 hours to complete. Gale Courses has six courses available underPersonal Finance and Investments, includingWhere Does All My Money Go?andKeys to Successful Money Management.

Need some extra motivation to complete a course? Sign-up with a friend and keep each other on track with weekly check-ins!


Even if you are already familiar with Kanopy as a way to stream movies and TV shows, it may surprise you to learn that there are business and finance videos available. These includevideos about retirement, covering topics such as preparing for retirement and life after retirement.

3.LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is another popular resource that many might not expect would have personal finance resources! In fact, there areover 30 courses about personal finance. These courses include subject matter such as budgeting, credit, and managing your money during a financial downturn.

4.O'Reilly Learning

Tucked away in the Business section of O’Reilly Learning is the Personal Finance collection, which contains over 600 books and audiobooks. The books in O’Reilly are always available, so you never have to wait!

5.Consumer Reports Online

Think that Consumer Reports just has buying advice for cars or appliances? Think again! Consumer Reports also has aMoney sectionfilled with great articles about financial topics such asleasing vs buying a carandhow to save as prices rise.

Unfortunately, their reviews on banks and insurance companies only focus on American companies, so stick to the articles for the most useful advice.